Bonded Seal

Bonded Seal is generally adopted as standard for mechanical engineering, hydraulic, pneumatic,and in particular, by the aeronautical industry for its high performance characteristics.

Bonded Seal is particularly suitable for sealing under the heads of bolts and screws, for pipe couplings and wide range of connector applications, where a perfect face to face contact is required for a pressure seal.

Bonded Seal offers a complete SECURITY for applications combining pressure vibration and severe temperature conditions.

Various Types of Seal

Standard Type


UA Type

610 Series Range Seal


ProGum Part Number Reference

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Material Selection

Metal Case Materials

The metal case is important component of a bonded seal. The most common case is carbon steel. Stainless steel is an option for corrosion resistance.

Elastomeric Materials

It is important to consider the seal's environment when selecting the lip material. The most important factors are the medium being sealed, the temperature of medium, the pressure.

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